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Maintaining health and vitality

Use for proactive hydration management and early intervention when you know your pet is at risk of increased fluid loss or decreased fluid intake.

Oralade® GI+’s scientifically formulated isotonic solution supports optimal absorption of fluids and electrolytes in perfect harmony with your pet’s natural requirements.

Puppy Drinking from Red Water Tray.jpg


Supporting fluid and electrolyte balance

A fast-acting Oral Rehydration Support that works to reinstate and maintain optimal hydration, even during periods of gastrointestinal disturbance.

Oralade® GI+ is scientifically formulated to have the precise ratio of glucose and electrolytes necessary to activate and support the water and electrolyte absorption in your pet.


Helping maintain intestinal function and integrity

Oralade® GI+’s unique combination of simple sugars and key amino acids work together to support intestinal function. Whilst easily digestible prebiotic fibres help to maintain the optimal balance of good bacteria and other beneficial microorganisms in your pet’s gastrointestinal track.

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