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A family business started as JAM (John & Anthony Mackle) in 2006 and formed Mac animal health ltd in 2015 to solely manage manufacture, distribution, marketing and technical support for our veterinary product range.

Macahl Animal Health is a family business established in 2006 by Anthony and John Mackle.  The company developed a unique range of Oral rehydration solutions for veterinary support with dogs and cats following periods of GI upset. Launching the brand Oralade® in 2008 their unique formula changed the way Oral rehydration solutions have been made for this sector.

Working closely with Dutch chemist Simon Van Dalsem, who’s own experience in pet nutrition, innovative product design and also experience in working on human isotonic sports drinks, led them to try several different formulas.

Together they designed the first isotonic drink for dogs and cats made with a highly palatable natural chicken flavour, purified water, some simple glucose and nutrition and free from preservatives.

Today Oralade is distributed in over 50 countries world wide and growing steadily each year and opening new markets. At Macahl animal health we offer our customers the best quality products, service and support they deserve. With GMP+ accreditation in manufacture of complimentary feeds, we guarantee quality and traceability on ingredients from origin to bottle.

“Our philosophy is to promote new and innovative products that support a happier healthier life for your pet”

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A family business where pet health matters!

Est. Moy, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland 2006

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