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Q: Does Micro Nutrition Support provide enough fluid for rehydration during critical care?

A: Micro Nutrition Support provides small amounts of essential nutrients, which are easily absorbed by the small intestine. Because the volume is small, IV fluids may also be required to provide hydration, and partial parenteral nutrition.

Q: Can Oralade be used as pre-anaesthetic nutrition?

A: Normally patients are fasted from solid food for at least 8 hrs before surgery. Most vets now would allow patients to have water available until 2-3 hrs before the surgery. Oralade would provide a palatable alternative, ensuring good electrolyte and fluid balance and baseline nutrition pre surgery and post surgery.

Q: How quickly do the enterocytes start to atrophy if they do not receive any nourishment?

A: Enterocytes begin to atrophy, when changes in GI permeability (and by implication, enterocyte death) after 90 minutes of shock due to trauma or intra-operative hypotension. Most critically ill patients will have been anorexic for 2 to 3 days prior to arrival at practice or Veterinary hospital.

Q: Can Oralade be used after any operations, are there any restrictions?

A: Oralade is a great product to offer patients in post operative recovery. With high palatability and an appealing chicken broth type aroma, it encourages them to drink.
The isotonic formula makes it easy to absorb and quickly restores fluid and electrolyte balance, plus providing simple nutrition.


Q: Is Oralade suitable for hypoallergenic patients?

A: Containing only 2% hydolized chicken liver flavour, Oralade has very low allergen levels, making it suitable for most hypoallergenic patients. Hydrolyzed chicken liver, organ meat that’s been chemically broken-down into its component amino acids. Hydrolyzed proteins are considered hypoallergenic.

Q. Can I use Oralade with renal patients

A. Yes it has zero phosphorous, contains only 1% high quality proteins and is low in potassium, so safe to use with acute or chronic kidney problems and also patients with Urinary problems to help increase fluid intake and flush their system.

Case Studies / Reviews

Anna Richmond – Reading
Dog – Gastroenteritis

Animal drank oralade with no force. Seemed to enjoy the flavour and because it is freezeable the remainder could be stored so was cost effective

Stephanie Watson – Isle of Man
Dog – Intestinal foreign body

Post exlap was anorexic and not eating. Tried oralade for the first time and she loved it. Was really easy to syringe feed. Only needed little amounts which is good for a nauseous patient. After a day of oralade started eating solids again. Really impressed with the product. Non offensive smell and very palatable.

Amy Jennings – Coulsdon
Cat – Was being hospitalised/treated for IMHA

The cat needed some ronaxan tablets but was a nightmare to tablet. We tried everything. He started becoming nauseous when we even just tried to give any kind of medication, as soon as we got him out of the basket. Even water in a syringe in his mouth made him gag and regurgitate. We then tried oralade, he took it syringed into his mouth. Really well. So we mixed all of his medication in with it!

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