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Oralade Advanced RF+

Oral Rehydration Support

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Proven Palatability

The entire Oralade range has been developed specifically with palatability in mind to ensure that your pet loves it!

8 out of 10 dogs prefer Oralade over the leading electrolyte brand

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100% natural roast chicken flavour

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No citrates or artificial preservatives that can affect palatability

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Voluntary intake of Oralade in dogs with vomiting and diarrhoea was 70% higher than plain water

Made with purified water to ensure chlorine free

Top Tips

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Warm like chicken soup – further increases aroma and palatability for those super fussy eaters. Just make sure it’s not too hot – just below body temperature is recommended (36C)

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Freeze it – Oralade is freezable, with no effect on its quality and function for up to 12 months, reducing waste if less than a full bottle is required.

Freezing Oralade into ice cubes makes a great treat to help maintain hydration in hot weather. Use a frozen Oralade stuffed toy for a zero calorie treat for pets on a restricted diet.

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